Roy Morales on Health Care

Last Updated : Oct 20, 2010


Roy Morales states that he opposes the 2009 health care reform legislation. He has referred to the legislation as socialized medicine and a huge mistake in history.


Opposition to Health Care Reform

In March of 2010, Roy Morales released a press statement noting his opposition to the recently passed health care reform legislation.

March 22, 2010
For Immediate Release

Houston, Texas - “It is indeed a sad day for America when the people have been denied their voice. Last night, upon the passage of the Healthcare Bill, my opponent Gene Green and 218 of his fellow Democrats turned their backs on the wishes of the American people. In poll after poll, all across our great country, Americans expressed their disapproval with this bill. They were never presented with the basics of what benefits it would provide and the costs involved both immediate and long term. My opponent Gene Green chose instead to be part of Nancy Pelosi’s team and the bidding of President Obama to make a huge mistake in history. America has been dealt a great blow. It is indeed time for the American people to hold those accountable that have misrepresented their wishes.”


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Healthcare Reform

I strongly oppose Obamacare and socialized medicine. These programs have hidden costs while taking away your critical health coverage. I pledge to work to implement solutions for healthcare that allow our free enterprise system to work while giving you the taxpayer optimum benefits.


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