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Last Updated : Dec 12, 2011


Congressman Paul has stated that the US should treat Israel just as it should treat other nations - nonintervention. He has stated though that the US is so involved with Israel that most people view Israel's actions as being sanctioned by the US and that his is largely true.

Congressman Paul has been critical of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, their raid on a flotilla that ran the Palestinian blockade, and their reliance on the US for defense and aid. When asked what his response would be to a threat towards Israel, Congressman Paul replied that Israel had 300 nukes and wasn't truly threatened by anyone.

On the subject of foreign aid, Congressman Paul has stated that all aid to all countries should be ended. He supports this same policy for Israel.

Congressman Paul has also asserted that continued and escalated US presence in the Middle East places Israel in danger as it angers the people of the region and Israel is their best target. He supports removing troops from the region in keeping with his overall foreign policy view of non-intervention.


Support for Israel

In 2007, Congressman Paul was asked at a rally if he would intervene if Israel was attacked. He notes that he would not treat Israel any differently that any other country. He states that Israel has 300 nukes and is in no real danger.


US will be blamed for Israel

In January of 2009 Congressman Paul spoke with RT News about Israeli incursions into Gaza. He notes that the US gives Israel a lot of money and arms them.

Also in January of 2009, Congressman Paul addressed the Campaign for Liberty and reiterated the same sentiments. He noted that our involvement there would do nothing to solve the situation and we will be blamed for the Israeli movement into Gaza. 


Response to Israeli Blockade Action

In June of 2010, Congressman Paul appeared on the Don Imus show and discussed the Israeli boarding of ships that are running a blockade on Palestine. He states that he would normally tell a country that they are free to handle their own affairs, but  in this case the US is so involved with Israel that any action they take is seen as US action. He states that we should tell Israel that they are on their own.


We Put Israel in Danger

In February of 2011, Congressman Paul was interviewed by NewsRealBlog and asked about Israel and US presence there.


South Carolina Debate

In May of 2011, Congressman Paul participated in the Republican debate in South Carolina. He is asked about Israel's right to defend itself and his desire to end foreign aid to all countries, including Israel.


The Western Debate

In October of 2011, Congressman Paul participated in the Western Debate in Las Vegas. He states that foreign aid should be cut to everyone.


CNN National Security Debate

On November 22, 2011 Congressman Paul participated in the CNN debate on national security. He stated that he would not support Israel if they attacked Iran.




Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

This representative has not been identified as sponsoring or cosponsoring significant legislation related to this title.


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