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Last Updated : Dec 12, 2011


Congressman Ron Paul opposes foreign aid to all countries on constitutional, practical, and moral grounds. Constitutionally, Congressman Paul notes that the document that created our country does not grant permission to Congress or the President to authorize funds to be taken from the national treasure and given to foreign countries. He also cites the statements of some of the founding fathers who warned the US to steer clear of foreign entanglements.

On a moral ground, Congressman Paul opposes foreign aid as it takes money from poor people in rich countries and gives it to rich people in foreign countries. Congressman Paul notes that the morality of taking money from people of the United States to be given to those in other countries is not moral or benevolent, especially when the US does not have enough money to pay for it's own needs.

From a practical standpoint, Congressman Paul notes that the amount of foreign that actually reaches those who need it is dramatically reduced after the numerous levels of bureaucracy within each government is paid for the distribution and any corrupt politician then takes their cut.

Congressman Paul notes that because foreign aid comes from governments, it usually has political strings attached to it, and as such is really a cover for political interventionism. As examples of this, he cites the National Endowment for Democracy, and the Millennium Challenge Account. He stated that the National Endowment for Democracy funds are usually spent trying to manipulate elections overseas so that a favored foreign political party wins "democratic" elections. This result is not beneficial to those seeking a truly democratic state. As for the Millennium Challenge Account, which sends U.S. aid to countries that meet U.S.-determined economic reform criteria, Congressman Paul notes that countries that enact solid economic policies will attract many times the amount of private foreign investment on international capital markets than they receive through the Millennium Challenge program.

Congressman Paul has spoken about how the use of foreign aid creates instability and promotes an anti-American view. He cites examples such as Egypt, where the US was spending billions of dollars to prop up a regime that was opposed by a vast majority of the people there. He notes that for the money we spent there, the US received a nation of people who opposed our involvement and are now untrusting of the US. Congressman Paul notes that the instability and corruption that foreign aid fosters only serves to discredit the US and lower our moral standing in the world. 


Deficits and International Aid

In November of 2005, Congressman Paul used his "Texas Talk" to address a recent package for international aid while the US is running huge deficits and is unable to address the Katrina aftermath.


True Foreign Aid

In June of 2006, Congressman Paul used his "Texas Talk" to discuss what he called "True Foreign Aid."


Annual Foreign Aid Rip off

In June of 2005, Congressman Paul used his "Texas Talk" to discuss the various programs funded through foreign aid.



Foreign Aid to Israel and Egypt

In November of 2007, Congressman Paul was asked about foreign aid to Israel on CSPAN. Congressman Paul stated that he supported ending aid to Israel and Egypt.


Foreign Aid and Africa

In March of 2008, Congressman Paul used his "Texas Talk" to address foreign aid in Africa and why it won't help Africa.


The Revolution; A Manifesto

In Congressman Paul's book, he notes on page 99 that foreign is simply taking property from Americans and giving it to the leaders of foreign countries.


Foreign Aid to Egypt, Jordan

In January of 2010, Congressman Paul appeared on Fox News and discussed the effects of foreign aid to Egypt and other countries.


How Foreign Aid Creates Instability and Isolates America

In February of 2011, Congressman Paul used his radio message to address the effects of foreign aid on the US and the rest of the world. 


Letter to Colleagues

In February of 2011, Congressman Paul wrote a letter to his colleagues in the House urging them to end all foreign aid.

At that same time, Congressman Paul appeared on Fox News and spoke about his desire to end international aid and the negative effects that aid has on the US.


2011 CPAC Speech

In February of 2011 Congressman Paul spoke at the Conservative Political Action Committee. He stated during that speech that foreign aid was taking money from poor people in a rich country and giving it to rich people in a poor country.


Buying Friends Creates More Enemies

In March of 2011, Congressman Paul used his "Texas Talk" to again discuss the effects that international aid has on creating more enemies.


The Western Debate

In October of 2011, Congressman Paul participated in the Western Debate in Las Vegas. He states that foreign aid should be cut to everyone.


CNN National Security Debate

On November 22, 2011 Congressman Paul participated in the CNN debate on national security. He stated that he did not support foreign aid. He also stated that it would be beneficial to the nation to avoid spending aid on other countries in an attempt to promote ideology.



Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

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