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Throughout the years, Congressman Paul has been involved in publishing several newsletters. Some of these newsletters ran for many years and some ran only during the few years between his two times in office. Ron Paul's involvement in each newsletter was limited, and in some cases he only let the newsletters use his name and pay him a royalty.

In June of 1992, an issue of the Ron Paul Political Report was devoted to the sole topic of racial terrorism and the recent riots in Los Angeles. That issue discusses what happened in the Rodney King beating, how the city reacted, and the assaults committed by black citizens in Los Angeles against people who were passing through their section of town and happened to be white. The article concludes by noting that the riots concluded that one of the main reasons that the rioting ended was that the postal service was suspended in the area and the rioters had to go to the post office to pick up their welfare checks.

In 1990 and 1991, the Ron Paul Newsletter ran a series of short articles discussing Martin L King Jr. The articles state that Dr King was known to have plagairized his doctoral thesis, his sermons, and numerous other items. The articles also note Dr King's extra-marital affairs and make the claim that he sought sexual relationships with other male pastors.

In 1993, the Ron Paul Survival Report discussed the first attempt to bomb the World Trade Center and makes the claim that the bombing may have been an Israeli plot.

When he returned to Congress in 1995, Congressman Paul mentioned the newsletters in a CSPAN interview while he noted that remained active during his time practicing medicine. In that interview he stated that the newsletters discussed economic issues and currency issues dealing with monetary policy.

The newsletters surfaced in the 2008 Presidential campaign and Congressman Paul admitted that he had not been involved in some on the newsletters other than to lend his name. He stated that he was not aware of the content of the letters, that the content in question was abhorrent, and that he disavowed the writings. He took a moral responsibility for letters and stated that he had a moral responsibility to know what was being put out in his name.

This statement is at odds with the format of several of the articles which are written in the first person as if Congressman Paul was indeed the author. However, the style of the writing in the letters and the content itself is not consistent with Congressman Paul's other writings and statements.


Various Newsletter

During his time in and out of office, Congressman Paul published or lent his name to numerous newsletters. During his first term in office, Congressman Paul initiated a "think tank", named the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE). In 1976, the foundation began publication of the first monthly newsletter associated with Paul, Dr. Ron Paul's Freedom Report (or Special Report).

In 1984, Congressman Paul created Ron Paul & Associates (RP&A), Inc. The organization had Ron Paul as its President, Lew Rockwell as its Vice President (Paul's former Chief of Staff),  and Ron Paul's wife Carol as the Secretary. The company published a variety of newsletters and was dissolved during 2001.

In 1985, RP&A began publishing The Ron Paul Investment Letter and The Ron Paul Survival Report. In 1987 it added the Ron Paul Political Report. Another newsletter named Ron Paul Newsletter has run for an extended time, but not enough information has been found to determine an exact start and end date.


Special Issue on Racial Terrorism

In June of 1992, an 8 page issue of the Ron Paul Political Report addressed the recent riots in Los Angeles following the Rodney King verdict. The article discusses the Rodney King arrest and the actions of the city of Los Angeles during the riots in shutting down transportation systems and removing law enforcement from areas where they would be protecting citizens from the rioters. It also discusses the inability of Califonia citizens to defend themselves due to California gun law waiting periods. After that, it goes through a list of violent attacks that took place where rioters attacked and often killed people passing through neighborhoods, reporters, or responders if they were white.

After discussing the riots, the article notes that the postal service had suspended delivery to riot areas. It then states that the only thing that ended the riots when it was time for the welfare checks and rioters were required to go to the post office to obtain their checks.

The article also discusses the actions of President Bush in granting money to area to quell the violence and excusing the actions of rioters as legitimate response to legitimate complaints. The main section that created the controversy stemmed from the welfare check statements and is shown below.


MLK Papers

In December of 1990, and January and February of 1991, the Ron Paul newsletter contained references to Martin Luther King Jr that claimed that Dr King had committed plagairism in his PhD and in his writings. One article also stated that Dr King was carrying out an affair with another male pastor.

December 1990

The December 1990 article discussed Dr King's plagairism, stated that he was a communist sympathiser, and was a world-class adulterer.

January 1991

In a January 1991 article again refers to Martin Luther King as a Marxist and discusses his sexual behavior and plagairism.


February 1991

In February of 1991, a short part of one newsletter speaks again about Dr King's plagairism and the his sexual conduct with another minister.


Double Standard

In May of 1990, the Ron Paul Newsletter published an article called "The Double Standard." That article discusses a recent demonstration after a black person was killed by white assailants. It then notes that a similar recent attack in which the assailants were black and the victim was white was dismissed as revenge.


Renaming New York

In October of 1990, the Ron Paul newsletter published an article discussing a recent rally held by Jesse Jackson in which the group demanded that New York City be renamed to Martin Luther King City.


The First WTC Bombing

In the April 1993 issue of the Ron Paul Survival Report, an article was ran titled "The New York Bombing." The article discusses the recent bombing of the World Trade Center and discusses the possibility that the bombing was a setup by Mossad.


CSPAN Interview - 1995

In 1995, Congressman Paul was interviewed on CSPAN in relation to the returning to Congress. He speaks about the newsletters in that interview and states that they discuss economics and monetary policy.


CNN Interview - 2008

In 2008, Congressman Paul was interviewed by CNN and discussed the newsletters. The CNN piece discusses Congressman Paul's statements in which he stated that he found the statements abhorrent and that he did not know who wrote them.


CNN 2012 Interviews

In December of 2012, Congressman Paul was interviewed by CNN and asked questions about the newsletters. Congressman Paul eventually walked out on the second interview after being asked about the articles numerous times.


Full List of Papers

Below is a list of all documents that are available to date that aren't discussed above. Clicking on these thumbnails will take the user to the full size as above.


Ron Paul Newsletter - Bring Back the Closet - An August 1992 article that dicusses the actions on Marvin Liebman in coming out of the closet. It also states that investigations into alleged homosexual activity were stopped because it could hurt the Bush administration.
Ron Paul Survival Report - Avoiding Aids - In September of 1994, an article discussed AIDS and stated that there was not way to cure the disease as it mutated too quickly.
Dr. Ron Paul's Freedom Report - Trilateral Commission - In April of 1978 an article discussed President Jimmy Carter's involvement in the trilateral commission. Another article discusses the Panama Canal and the ownership of the canal.
Ron Paul Newsletter - The coming Race War - In February of 1990, the Ron Paul Newsletter ran an article called the Coming Race War. The article states that leaders of the black movement are in fact statists that are seeking to control the government.
Ron Paul Newsletter - AIDS and the Government - In January of 1988, an article was ran that discussed the possibility that AIDS was created by WTO experimentation at Ft. Detrick, Maryland.  
Ron Paul Newsletter - AIDS - In January of 1990, an article in the Ron Paul Newsletter discussed the actions of the group ACT UP and stated that instead of the slogan "Silence = Death" perhaps the slogan should be "Sodomy=Death".  
Ron Paul Newsletter - I Miss the Closet - In June of 1990, the Ron Paul Newsletter ran an article discussing homosexuality and urged people not to get a transfusion unless their life depended on it.  
 Ron Paul Newsletter - Black and White violence - In May of 1990, an article was published that stated that black on white violence was so prevelant that it was no longer news while white on black violence was unusual and promoted in the news.  
 Ron Paul Newsletter - David Duke - In September of 1990, an article was run discussing the recent loss by David Duke in his bid for a Senate seat.  
 Ron Paul Newsletter - None Dare Call it a Conspiracy - In October of 1990, the article discussed the book None Dare Call it a Conspiracy.  
Ron Paul Political Report - Black Culture is anti-white and proud of it - In December of 1989, an article discussed homosexuality, and a separate article discussed black attitudes toward white people.  
 Ron Paul Political Report - July 1992 - Full Issue. There are numerous articles dealing with ACORN, Jesse Jackson, and a number of other issues.  
Ron Paul Political Report - In March of 1990, the Ron Paul Political Report issued a story discussing Andy Rooney and comments he had made about the homosexual agenda.
Ron Paul Political Report - In November of 1992 an article ran discussing Chess champ Bobby Fischer.
Ron Paul Political Report - Bohemian Grove - In November of 1989, an article was run discussing the activities at Bohemian Grove.
Ron Paul Political Report - In October of 1992, an article was run discussing race issues and stated that black youth play unsuspecting whites like pianos.
Ron Paul Survival Report - In January of 1993, an article was run discussing white and black culture.
Ron Paul Survival Report - in January of 1994, an article was run discussing AIDS and taxpayer spending.
Ron Paul Survival Report - In January of 1995, an article was put out that discussed the ten commandments for the militia.
Ron Paul Survival Report - In July of 1994 an article was run discussing the crime rates of the US and of Britian and the comparitive levels of races.
Ron Paul Survival Report - In March of 1993 an article was run discussing Bill Clinton's sex life and children.



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