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Last Updated : Oct 28, 2010

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Taxes and Investing in 14th District

No one likes to pay taxes, but let’s bring some of that money home to help invest in our community and our people.

We have all been through a lot the past several years. From Hurricane Ike to the financial crisis that we are still feeling the effects of today; we have been hit with some hard times. It is too easy to point the finger at someone else or our government, and blame them for our problems. We are Texans and we are independent. We take responsibility for our own lives and we fix our own problems.

It is up to us. If we choose to invest in our community; we can provide opportunities to recreate our own land of opportunity. I personally know the struggles of creating a better life for you and your family. As a child, I was on the government sponsored lunch program; so I could eat and go to school. I entered into the Army at 17 years old, so I could escape poverty and make a better life for myself. All of these opportunities were there for me to get a hand up, not a hand out.

These are the types of opportunities that I want for our community. I want us to invest in our local junior colleges, so that we can offer more trade school educational programs. I want us to invest in our local businesses with small business loans from the Small Business Administration, so we can keep all of our Main Streets thriving and growing. None of these investments will solve your problems, but they will give you an opportunity to work hard and solve them yourself.

It is time for us to reinvest into our community again and bring those tax dollars home.

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