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Last Updated : Oct 20, 2010


Congressman Olson has not clarified his positions on vouchers, school choice, home schooling, or the No Child Left Behind Act. Congressman Olson has expressed opposition to the federal funding mandates that the Obama administration has attempted to enforce on Texas with the threat of removing education funding.


2010 Education Spending Bill

In August of 2010, Congressman Olson issued a press statement noting that the formula to be used to calculate future funding for schools in district 22 was being altered in the education funding bill. He states that the new formula would reduce the amount to every school district in Texas House District 22. A table showing the amount of reduction for each school district is included in the press release here.


Federal Education Funding Mandate

In September of 2010, Congressman Olson released a press statement claiming that the August education funding bill attempted to enforce a mandate on how Texas used those funds. If the state did not use the funds in the manner dictated in the mandate, it would lose the money. 


Official Website Statements


Voting Record

America COMPETES Reauthorization Act

In May of 2010 the House voted on reauthorizing the America COMPETES Act. The act passed the House 262-150. Pete Olson voted against reauthorizing the America COMPETES Act.

Pete Olson voted against reauthorizing the America COMPETES Act.


Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

Session-111; Bill Number-H R 1717; Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success Act or the A PLUS Act - Cosponsor

Allows each state to submit to the Secretary of Education a declaration of intent, applicable for up to five years, permitting it to receive federal funds on a consolidated basis that would otherwise be directed toward specific programs furthering the stated purpose of title I (Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. Requires each declaration to be formulated by a combination of specified State Authorizing Officials or by referendum, and list the programs for which consolidated funding is requested. Allows states to use such funds for any educational purpose permitted by state law, but requires them to make certain assurances that they will use fiscal control and fund accounting procedures, abide by federal civil rights laws, and advance educational opportunities for the disadvantaged. Allows states to amend their declarations. Requires each declaration state to: (1) inform the public of its student achievement assessment system and report annually on student progress toward the state's proficiency standards, disaggregating performance data by specified student groups; and (2) keep aggregate spending on elementary and secondary education at no less than 90% of such spending for the school year coinciding with this Act's enactment. Limits administrative expenses. Requires consolidated funds to be distributed in a manner that allows for the equitable participation of private schools.

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