Neil Durrance on The Economy

Last Updated : Aug 03, 2010

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"Too Big to Fail"?
Our national economy has been driven into the worst recession since the Great Depression by unregulated greed and a national policy of neglect which disconnected Wall Street from Main Street. We cannot afford continual bailouts of corporations considered "too big to fail" while neglecting small business which is largest generator of jobs and growth. We have seen the rate of unemployment skyrocket to unprecedented levels with losses of jobs and manufacturing through out the nation.

It is time to utilize the tools of leadership and governance to provide incentives for maintaining manufacturing jobs in this country and stop the damaging effects of outsourcing for profit. We should utilize the good offices of the government to foster a new relationship between the employer and the employee which will stress cooperative responsibility and mutual obligation for the improvement of our workforce in the global markets.

We must also reverse the policies of wealth politics providing tax breaks for the rich while ignoring the problems of the workers, middle class and small business. It is time for a common sense approach which creates a tax structure in which all pay their fair share.

As a small business man who has to make payroll, pay taxes and maintain business income, I understand the pressures on the jobs and businesses of the citizens of Texas District 26. With your support, we can rebuild our district's economy and ensure that all our citizens have a job that provides them with the means to support their families and their way of life.


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