Neil Durrance on Health Care

Last Updated : Aug 03, 2010

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Let's Move Forward Together

Comprehensive health care insurance reform is one of the most crucial issues facing our country today. Spiraling costs of care, prescription medication, hospital services, and all aspects of our present system need reform or we face national bankruptcy. Over a million people a year declare bankruptcy, not from squandering assets or over spending, but simply because someone in their family got sick. The crushing burdens for families, individuals, and small business, left unchecked, will stagnate growth and destroy our ability to compete in the world economy. We can no longer put off a solution, we must act now.

While there is no magic, silver bullet that will cure all the ills of our present health care system, we must do more than vilify and reject all efforts at reform. We must engage with a sense of collective responsibility to provide affordable health care insurance for all our citizens. Our health care system must protect the doctor-patient relationship, provide freedom of choice, and addresses the present inequalities based on wealth and status.

We must shift our health care insurance system from a "sickness" system to a "wellness" system which encourages cooperative medicine and nationwide consistent levels of care while providing proper incentives to control cost, encourage innovation, and provide the best level of care to all people.


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