Neil Durrance on Education

Last Updated : Aug 03, 2010

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Affordable Quality Education for All

For years, the politicians in Washington have talked about education and then passed one unfunded mandate after the next, burdening our local school districts. Education has become an endless cycle of "teaching to a test" rather than training our youth with the skills of critical thinking, creativity, and pragmatic problem-solving so vitally necessary in our rapidly changing world. If we do not change the present course and content of our educational system we risk losing our technological and competitive edge in the global economy.

Education is the key to all endeavors in life. It is the responsibility of our educators to develop their profession. It is the equal responsibility of the parents to work with their children in constructive cooperation with teachers, administrators, and school boards. We must work to assure that all children have equal access to a quality education. Teacher salary should be increased to the national average based on merit, not test scores. Communications and involvement between teachers and parents must be improved. We should work to reduce class and campus sizes for more individualized instruction.

The structure of funding must change to make higher education affordable to all qualified students. Alternative paths must be developed for education in industrial technologies and the arts which allows aptitude for all.


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