Lainey Melnick on The Second Amendment

Last Updated : Aug 02, 2010

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Right to Bear Arms

I believe in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court's role is to assure that our laws are consistent and rest on the fundamental meanings of those revered documents.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitution provides an individual right to bear arms. It also has ruled that certain state laws controlling possession and use of firearms are appropriate and constitutional. Specifically, each state may prohibit possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill. Each state may ban automatic weapons and sawed-off shotguns. Each state may prohibit firearms in sensitive places such as schools, airplanes, hospitals, and government buildings. The Supreme Court's rulings that these laws are appropriate and constitutional is evidence that there is a middle ground between those who demand uncontrolled possession of all types of weapons and those who prefer absolute prohibition of possession of any type of firearm. Allowing states to determine regulations that are appropriate for their own citizens protects the constitutional right to bear arms while keeping our communities and our children safe.

I believe in individual rights and freedoms. As an individual, I have chosen to live gun-free. There are no guns in my home and my husband and I teach our children that guns are not toys. We teach them that guns are serious weapons that should be handled with care and caution. This is our choice for our family which is based on our culture and upbringing and makes us feel safe and secure.

I respect other people's choices, and I don't want my values to infringe on those of others. Freedom gives us the opportunity to make these choices for our own families.


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