John Faulk on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Aug 11, 2010


Mr Faulk states that he supports expanded oil production.


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Texas and especially Houston are primary world oil industry hubs. Much of the Nation’s oil and gas is processed through here. The oil industry’s contributions to our local, regional and national economies are significant and must be supported while migrating toward less dependence on foreign oil.

The United States has one of the richest coal reserves in the world. We could power our nation for decades with coal-fired power plants if the emissions were clean enough and affordable. Strides are being made to clean up coal-fired power plant emissions. More needs to be done to make this technology more cost effective.

As a nation, our national security and our environment depend on the continued development of alternative, renewable and cleaner fuel sources. As your Representative in Congress, I will support the advancement of these technologies.


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