John Faulk on Abortion

Last Updated : Aug 11, 2010


Mr. Faulk is pro-life. He has stated that life begins at conception.


Campaign Website Statements

Right to Life Amendment

As your Representative from the Texas 18th Congressional District, I would support an amendment to the United States Constitution to provide protection to all unborn children from the moment of conception by prohibiting any state or federal law that ignores the personhood of an unborn child. However, since amending the Constitution is an extremely lengthy process, I would introduce and co-sponsor the Federal Right to Life Act. This act would define “personhood” as the moment of conception. Therefore, all unborn children would be protected without the need of amending the U. S. Constitution.

Recently the scientific community have made great strides in stem cell research. New advances with adult stem cells as opposed to embryonic stem cells offer a great deal of hope forwarding scientific and medical research without the need to sacrifice or monitize life. I support the new research on the horizon there. There are preferred alternatives in the approach to those valuable sciences outside of buying and selling life, itself.


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