Francisco Canseco on Homeland Security

Last Updated : Aug 02, 2010

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Protecting Our Nation and Staying on Offense Against Terrorists

Just this year, we have seen numerous high-profile examples of the continued efforts by terrorist organizations to infiltrate our country and execute plans to kill and harm as many Americans as possible. These murderers have no honor, no limits on whom they will target, and no hesitancy to kill women, children, and defenseless civilians.

We must continue to be vigilant, support the men and women in intelligence services who are working round the clock to uncover and foil terrorist plans, and all those serving in our armed forces across the globe. I continue to be greatly disappointed by Nancy Pelosi and the President for their lectures and accusations made against the outstanding men and women of our intelligence services.

Similarly, our country owes an immense debt of gratitude to those working on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I find it appalling that Democrat leaders in Congress and the Administration continue to play games and point fingers instead of listening to our Generals in the field who are working to support our troops in Afghanistan and execute a counterinsurgency strategy to defeat the Taliban and kill or capture Al Qaeda leaders. Every day that the Commander in Chief wastes by not fully supporting our troops is another day our men and women serving in Afghanistan are unnecessarily put at risk.

As your Congressman, I will demand full funding and support for our troops so that we can continue to stay on offense to kill, capture, or eliminate terrorists wherever they may be hiding.


Voting Record

Arrest and Detention of US Citizens

In December of 2011, the House voted on the Defense appropriations act for 2012 - HR 1540. Part of that legislation was a provision to express the authorization of the military to arrest and indefinitely detain US citizens. The only requirement for this was that the person be suspected of allying with al-Qaida. The legislation passed 283-136. Francisco Canseco voted in favor of the legislation.

Francisco Canseco voted in favor of the legislation.


Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

Session-112; Bill Number-H R 459; Military Tribunals for Terrorists Act 2011 - Cosponsor

Requires trial only by a military commission for any foreign national who: (1) engages or has engaged in an offense relating to a terrorist attack against persons or property in the United States or U.S. government property or personnel outside the United States; and (2) is subject to trial for that offense by a military commission under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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