Eddie Zamora on Gay Marriage

Last Updated : Aug 02, 2010

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Pro-Marriage (1 Man + 1 Woman)

  That this is even a necessary item for discussion in the political realm is amazing to me. As with all life, the origins of marriage trace back just a few thousand years as chronicled by the penman, Moses, in the Pentateuch part of the Bible. To be even clearer, marriage was established and ordained by God, but for what purpose? That, the Bible also explains “that they might have Godly offspring…”.

  Most civilized societies throughout history have recognized this immutable fact and codified it when necessary.

  All civilizations throughout history who’s government sanctioned anything different decayed rather rapidly and in some cases with much carnage and devastation to boot - a coincidence? I think not.

  Marriage is a divine union of one man and one woman.

  If you’ve already had one (or more) that did not last for whatever reason, we have the gift of repentance, forgiveness, restoration, and second chances. And I thank God for second chances!

- Eddie Zamora

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