Donna Campbell on Immigration

Last Updated : Aug 03, 2010

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Securing the Border

Texans feel a strong bond to the vibrant culture of our neighbor to the south, but unfortunately Mexico has been overrun with violence. A few years ago, a trip to Nuevo Laredo meant a family-friendly excursion of shopping, sightseeing, and Tex-Mex. Today, the city is controlled by drug gangs. Now, many businesses have closed, commerce has crawled to a standstill, and law-abiding citizens fear for their lives. The only thing preventing this anarchy and drug-related violence from spilling into the streets of Texas is a strong and secure border.

If elected, I will make border security a national priority, including the use of unmanned drones, the National Guard, and a border fence where necessary. I will look for ways to assist Mexico's government in fighting drug violence to stabilize their economy. I will not vote for amnesty, and I will not support any path to citizenship for illegal immigrants until the border is 100% secure.

Logic dictates the solution to this crisis. When you have a leaking pipe, you don't keep cleaning up the mess while the leak continues. You shut off the water and fix the leak first. Our politicians have spent too many years providing lip service and offering vaporous reforms without stopping the leak.

Right now Texas suffers from a porous border, lack of enforcement, and political correctness gone amuck. That will change under my watch.


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