Donna Campbell on Homeland Security

Last Updated : Aug 03, 2010

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Strong National Defense

The United States and our allies face a continuous threat from global terrorists and hostile regimes. In the past year alone, radical Islamic terrorists have attempted to blow up an American airplane and set off a car bomb in New York's Times Square. Fortunately their efforts failed, but the danger to our security remains very real. We must remain vigilante.

America cannot and must not treat foreign terrorists who have declared war on the United States as common criminals, offering them full Constitutional rights and trying them in civilian courts at huge taxpayer expense. The Constitution intentionally sets up a separate system of military tribunals for these enemy combatants.

The surest path to diplomacy will always be through a position of strength. A nation cannot negotiate effectively while apologizing. This administration has spent too much time trying to appease our enemies while alienating our allies. Predictably, such weakness in the face of adversity has only emboldened dictators around the world and hampered international efforts to enforce sanctions on unstable regimes like Iran and North Korea.

Donna Campbell favors sanctions against regimes who thumb their nose at the international community and will continue to support our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan as long as there is a clear, defined mission. As we have learned from the past few decades, a democratic Iraq and a democratic Afghanistan are the best insurance against future terror attacks.


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