Donna Campbell on Health Care

Last Updated : Aug 03, 2010

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Healthcare Reform

Earlier this year, in a narrow partisan vote, Congress passed an unpopular bill expanding government control of health care and placing 150,000 unelected bureaucrats and 16,000 IRS agents between patients and their doctors. This is not reform. It is a takeover of the health care industry by lifelong politicians, and it fails to address the high costs facing American families.

I'm deeply disappointed by this assault on our liberties. Doctors and hospitals will be asked to spend more time adhering to over 2400 pages of rules and regulations written by bureaucrats, leaving less time to focus on patients and leading to a lower quality of care. Insurance premiums will rise as consumers are faced with less choice and fewer companies are allowed to compete for our business. Businesses that currently provide health care for their employees will find it nearly unaffordable.

As a practicing M.D., I find this unacceptable, and if elected, I pledge to do everything in my power to repeal this legislation. I will lead the charge to scrap this monstrosity and write new legislation that adheres to the free market principles this nation was founded on.

My experience in medicine has shown we can bring costs down by passing common sense measures like tort reform, encouraging tax-free health savings accounts, and allowing consumers to buy insurance across state lines. Unfortunately, none of these were included in Speaker Pelosi and President Obama's legislation. It's time to replace the empty and costly promises coming out of Washington that don't kick in for years with real reforms that provide immediate relief for families and small businesses.


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