Donna Campbell on Education

Last Updated : Aug 03, 2010

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Improving Education

Federal bureaucrats have become too involved in our schools, preventing teachers and principals from doing their jobs effectively. These dedicated professionals now find it harder than ever to discipline students who are disruptive and to devote individual attention to those who may need extra encouragement and tutoring. As a consequence, many of our children are promoted to appease arbitrary standards, graduating high school without the skills necessary to succeed. This is unacceptable.

I believe that every child is blessed with a unique set of talents and skills, but they can't develop these without the support of outstanding teachers, principals, and mentors. I will fight for local educators and stand up against the broken and unaccountable bureaucracy in Washington that is all too willing to experiment with our children's education.

Success and achievement happen at home and in the classroom, not in the hallways of the Department of Education. Let’s do more hard work at the local level and spend less time creating paperwork and red tape at the federal level.

Every parent has a right to know whether their child's school is fostering knowledge and growth, or inhibiting it. No child should be forced to attend a school that isn't up to community standards. Donna Campbell supports parental choice and school vouchers as ways to empower families as they seek to build a better life for their children.


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