Donna Campbell on Abortion

Last Updated : Aug 03, 2010

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Protecting Life

There is perhaps no issue closer to my heart than protecting the sanctity of life. The lost lives that result from abortions are lost hopes, our lost moments with future family members, and the lost dreams of an entire generation. In founding America, we made a promise to protect Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. In keeping that promise, we are called by a higher power to speak up for those who cannot defend themselves.

As a doctor, I feel it's equally important to speak up for the women recovering from the pain and emotional suffering of having an abortion. I strongly support encouraging women to share their stories and to develop ways to end the pain caused by abortion. Let's make adoptions, not abortions, the preferred choice of our families. If elected, I will continue to search for new ways to encourage adoption, especially among young pregnant women who just don't feel they are ready for motherhood.


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