Clayton Trotter on Taxes

Last Updated : Aug 11, 2010


Mr. Trotter states that he supports a balanced budget, and supports lower taxes.


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I believe that higher and higher taxes are destroying the nation. The modern American taxpayer pays a greater percentage of his income and wealth to taxes at all levels then medieval serf did to his feudal lord. We must leave resources in the hands of the people in order to prosper.

Unsupportable Debt

Since the bailouts began, the national debt has increased by $2 trillion—a trillion is a million millions—enough to make millionaires out of every man, woman, and child in San Antonio and Austin. Our national debt presently stands at over $12 trillion. Our government can go bankrupt. It has happened before in history. We must stop the spending and pay off the debt so that our children’s children will have the blessings of liberty we enjoy.


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