Andy Wilson on Taxes

Last Updated : Aug 02, 2010

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Fiscal Responsibility

We live in an era that is leaving behind the benefits that were provided by what has been accurately labeled the “Greatest Generation.” That generation suffered through the Depression, sacrificed through World War II and then came home and laid the foundation that produced abundant opportunities for the generations that followed. Our generation, I am afraid, will be forever associated with the enormous debt that, unless properly dealt with, threatens to be passed on to our children and grandchildren.

Once again we have soldiers coming home from wars, but I am convinced that the weight of the debt our society is accumulating may rob them, us and future generations of the opportunities that we have enjoyed.

West Texans are people who prefer to pay for what we use, live within our means, and enjoy the benefits of a balanced budget. We need a Congressman who will take these values to the national level and show how we have made them work here. In 2010, Congress finally re-instituted the crucial “pay as you go” budget rules that brought about surpluses as recently as 2000 but were abandoned during the intervening period. I will demand that we fully enforce these rules, and correct a budget that has grown out of control due to imbalanced Federal spending in recent years.
Our region has a long history of sending responsible Democratic representatives to Washington that take with them West Texas values of living within one's means. Men like George Mahon, Charlie Stenholm and Omar Burleson. I am proud to run under the same party as these men and am committed to living up to the standards that they set.


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