David Wu - Controversies

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In February of 2011, news broke that Congressman Wu's behavior during the waning days of the 2010 election cycle had become so erratic and inexplicable that several senior aides staged two interventions to convince him to seek professional assistance - possibly for drinking or general psychiatric assistance. After one attempt failed three days before the election, Congressman Wu went into isolation. Despite failing to campaign in the last three days before the election, Congressman Wu still won ...


In January of 2007, Congressman Wu spoke on the House floor about the the Iraq war. In that one minute speech, Congressman Wu compared Republicans who support the war to fake Klingons from the Star Trek films. SpeechMr. Speaker, 4 years ago, this administration took America to war in Iraq without adequate evidence. Since that time, the administration has not listened to the American people, it hasn't listened to our professional military, and it certainly hasn't listened to this Con ...