Tom Ganley on Homeland Security

Last Updated : Oct 07, 2010

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National Security

Ronald Reagan often used the phrase, "peace through strength." Like Reagan, I believe, we must continue to demonstrate our leadership around the world without apologizing to those who wish us harm. I am in favor of a robust military as well as a National Missile Defense system to protect our interests, foreign and domestic. I am also in favor of giving our brave young men and women every advantage not only on the field of battle, but also when they return home.

As a conservative, I am troubled by the recent attacks from groups such as the United Nations on our sovereignty. Treaties such as the "Law of the Sea", "Global Warming Treaty", "Rights of the Child", and "CEDAW", may have innocent sounding titles, but the details are troubling. While I clearly support equal rights for women and children, I see these treaties and others like them as blatant attacks on our sovereignty.

I am adamantly opposed to giving taxpayer dollars to UN "peacekeeping" missions where U.S. national security is not threatened. I am also steadfast in my opposition of placing U.S. troops under the control of any foreign commander.


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