Surya Yalamanchili on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Oct 08, 2010

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2) Energy Security

American presidents have constantly talked about the need for energy independence for the past three decades. America first saw the immediate danger of our foreign dependence on oil during the Iran Hostage crisis. Carter talked about the critical need for energy independence, and every campaign year Democrats and Republicans pay it lip service, only to abandon it once the election is won. We have reached yet another breaking point as oil supplies shrink, prices rise, our dollar is critically weakened from trade deficits, and this portion of the world continues to be increasingly hostile to our interests. Tax credits, federal R&D investment, innovation competitions, and consumer-based incentives for advanced technology that decreases the outflow of dollars to hostile areas of the world and creates jobs in America are a must. Sustainable energy is an investment in not only our security, but also future jobs and a shared prosperity.

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