Surya Yalamanchili on Education

Last Updated : Oct 08, 2010

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2) Educational Foundation

We have become one of the wealthiest nations in the world largely due to a highly productive education system that allowed us to invent what the world needed. Recent weaknesses in the foundation of our system have been masked by foreign-born students who came to America for graduate degrees in the advanced sciences. This weakness is the result of a combination of our societal values and flaws in our education system.

Our scores in math, science, and writing are average to below the average of peer nations despite spending among the most per student on K-12 education in the world. A competitive educational system is critical to success in the 21st century world economy. We must create a strong educational framework that solves for student access, is built around customization, and encourages private sector innovation. Accomplishing this will force us to rethink past policies and harness technological advancements to provide personalized lesson plans and teaching methods based on an individual student’s learning style. Before the private sector can innovate and invest here, they must feel secure that scale and a market exists. We must pick up where No Child Left Behind stopped, and set national standards of excellence by grade level to provide the framework for local institutions and the private sector to innovate and create new software and other products that help students attain these goals. Our education system plays a critical role in our shared future and we must get it right.


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