Steve Driehaus on Immigration

Last Updated : Sep 14, 2010


Congressman Driehaus supports amnesty for illegal aliens. The Congressman's campaign website states the exact opposite, that he opposes amnesty. However, the Congressman has repeatedly called for a "comprehensive immigration plan" that would consist of amnesty in exchange for a fine. He also cites the need to amnesty to solve the issues of illegal aliens receiving health care in the US. The Congressman also calls for an end to the practice of "tearing families apart." This language is double-speak for enforcing the policy of anchor babies, which allows one member of a family to obtain legal residence, and then bring over their extended family. 


Call for Amnesty

When questioned about the coverage of illegal aliens in the health care reform legislation, Congressman Driehaus stated that it was unchristian to provide health care for illegal aliens and then called for amnesty through a "comprehensive immigration reform plan".


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