Rich Iott on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Oct 09, 2010

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Cap and Trade Energy Bill

The House has voted for a so-called Cap and Trade energy bill that won’t help the environment, but will impose dramatic costs on every household in America, and on businesses. Marcy Kaptur voted YES on this bill, but it will cripple our economy with such a heavy burden that it will result in many lost jobs and less business expansion. Your home heating bills will more than double, your gasoline bill will skyrocket, and if this bill becomes law, it will mean the end of Ohio’s coal industry. Considering we get 87% of our electricity from coal here in Ohio, this is going to put a huge hole in our energy supply. At a time when we need to make it cheaper and easier to live and do business here in Ohio, this bill would take us in exactly the wrong direction.

I support an ‘all of the above’ energy policy which takes full advantage of the natural resources this county has been blessed with. I believe the marketplace should drive which of these resources rises to the top in terms of meeting the needs of Americans.


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