Peter Corrigan on Taxes

Last Updated : Oct 09, 2010

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Congressional decisions to add to the deficit spending and subsequently to the nation's debt has showed us this year that we must change the makeup of its stakeholders. Our current Representatives show no inclination to change their bad habits. We are long past the point in time where this situation should have been addressed. But fortunately, we now have the fundamental basis for bipartisanship, which is absolutely mandatory in order to resolve the problem. Right now, we need good legislation, regardless of which side of the aisle it comes. We cannot sustain irresponsible, politically motivated, and poorly contrived bills. We have seen this happen from both parties and it is accelerating today. Resolution will not come at the hands of the Democrats or Republicans alone---it will only come at the hands of conscientious legislators willing to draw up compromise as a primary tool to reach a successful outcome. We must address this immediately by electing conscientious people to these offices.


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