Peter Corrigan on Homeland Security

Last Updated : Oct 09, 2010

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National Security: It is now widely held that the Iraq war was questionable. We probably should not have invaded, in spite of the constant and ongoing provocation from the Iraqi leadership. It was expensive, and we lost the goodwill of most of the rest of the world. Now, although the outcome looks much better, we are still trying to recover. Fortunately, we are planning an exit soon, on the heels of our success. The Afghani war, on the other hand, was not provoked by us, and represented a clear and imminent danger. We have every right to defend ourselves and we should press this engagement to its end. Non-support of this conflict is not an alternative. We are committed and we need to finish. To that end, adequate resource, requested by the military, should be allocated to ensure that we finish. Negotiations with Pakistan should be intensified, to ensure that we finish. And the conflict should be waged intensely and rapidly to ensure that we finish quickly.

Defense Appropriations: Our Defense budget should match the needs of the conflicts we are supporting, but we should step up the efforts to monitor our expenditures through bipartisan committees striving to achieve the maximum result with the minimum outlay. Under the Bush administration, the Defense budget increased by 103%. While we need to continue to fund our troops, we also need to watch our outlays. Managing our finances is similarly a strategic issue and, ultimately, also a matter of national security. There are no cases where we should ever feel comfortable with the amount of spending taking place.


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