Mary Jo Kilroy on Taxes

Last Updated : Sep 14, 2010


Congresswoman Kilroy states that she supports cutting waste and spending. She states that the first budget that she voted for cut the deficit in 4 years (2009). She gives no references for this statement. The year of that vote also contained the stimulus.


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Cutting Spending and Waste

Federal spending is a concern for Rep. Kilroy because she knows there is waste that needs to be eliminated. Misdirected priorities over the last eight years have made our deficit and national debt spiral out of control. The first budget Rep. Kilroy voted for cut the deficit in just four years.

Specific programs are also in need of reform. Recently, Rep. Kilroy called for an investigation into a Housing and Urban Development program that is costing the taxpayers more than $2 billion in loans that default and borrowers that abuse the system. She will continue to root out this type of fraud and waste so that the investments we need to make can be realized.

Rep. Kilroy is also concerned that Medicare Part D is reformed so that handouts to drug companies are ended and the taxpayers can see savings of more than $50 billion and seniors see the cost of the their prescription drugs decrease. Medicare Part D was written by drug companies lobbyists and should never had block bulk purchasing.



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This representative has not been identified as sponsoring or cosponsoring significant legislation related to this title.

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