Jim Renacci on Social Security

Last Updated : Sep 02, 2010

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While I strongly believe in the need to maintain a strong and viable Social Security safety net for America’s seniors, there is no question that the federal government must implement reforms to address the growing fiscal crisis that is facing the Social Security balance sheet. This year, for the first time in history, the number of individuals receiving benefits from Social Security will outnumber those who are paying into the system. As a direct result of the skyrocketing unemployment rate our country has witnessed over the past two years under Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s economic agenda, there are fewer a fewer employees paying into a system that was already fiscally unbalanced. The tipping point for Social Security arrived years sooner than many expected due to the widespread economic destruction caused by the failed Obama-Pelosi economic plan.

It is imperative that leaders in Washington ensure that Social Security benefits are protected and that needed reforms are brought to bear that would not raise taxes or privatize the system.



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