Bob Gibbs on The Economy

Last Updated : Oct 07, 2010

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Our country is going through one of its most difficult economic times since the great depression. Our responsibility as legislators is to create an environment that encourages economic growth and investment in Ohio and in this country.

During a time when Ohio saw unemployment soar above 11%, we cannot afford to have members of Congress, like Zack Space, supporting Cap-and-Trade legislation that threatens to put another 100,000 Ohioans out of a job.

The United States is spending billions on a stimulus package in an attempt to create jobs. Our unemployment numbers in Ohio continue to increase even while money is being spent in the name of stimulating the economy. The only proven way to bring down unemployment and create good jobs in Ohio is to create opportunities for business, large and small, to locate and expand in Ohio.

We must work on a tax structure that rewards hard work and success rather than one that overburdens profitable businesses. While we continue to support Ohio’s vast manufacturing base, we must also fight hard to draw innovative and ground-breaking industries that will put and keep Ohio on the cutting edge of the global economy.



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