US Congressman Betty Sutton

Name : Betty Sutton
Party : Democrat
State : Ohio
District : 13
In Office : 2006 - Present
Religion : Methodist
Birth Date : 07/31/1963
Birth Place : Barberton, OH
Education : BA Kent State University, 1985; JD University of Akron, 1990
Previous Political Experience : Barberton City Council, 1991-92; OH House, 1993-2000
Previous Occupation : Attorney
Positions that we are tracking for this rep: Abortion, China, Debt, Deficit, Spending, and the Size of Government, Education, Energy and the Environment, Ethics, Gay Marriage, Guantanamo Bay, Health Care, Homeland Security, Immigration, International Aid, Iran, Israel, Libya, Net Neutrality, Race Relations, Social Security, Stem Cell Research, TARP, TARP and GM, Taxes, The American Jobs Act, The Constitution, The Economy, The Paul Ryan Plan, The Second Amendment, The Stimulus, The War in Afghanistan, The War in Iraq, Trade Policy, Unions, Welfare and Unemployment

District Map

District Map for House Distrct 13 in Ohio