Robert Turner on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Aug 16, 2011


Robert Turner has stated that he supports drilling and mining and nuclear power. He is skeptical of man-made global warming.


Sean Hannity Questionnaire

In an undated questionnaire for the Sean Hannity Show, Robert Turner states that one solution to the energy crisis would be drilling, mining, and nuclear energy.

Q4. Do you feel this country should be energy independent and if so, what are some action steps that we can take to attain independence?

Drill, mine, and promote nuclear power.


Brian Lehrer Show

In July of 2011, Robert Turner appeared on the Brian Lehrer show and discussed a number of issues. In a "lightining round," Turner stated that there were questions about man-made global warming.

Global warming:

The anthroprogenic [sic] aspects of global warming is highly suspect. It has not been proven.


Support for Fracking

In an interview on CityWide, Robert Turner stated that the state of New York would benefit from fracking for oil and gas in the northern region of the state. He noted that it would create jobs for New Yorkers and help bring down the costs of energy.



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