David Weprin - Controversies

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In June of 2011, State Assemblyman Weprin proposed a ban on smoking in a private video if there is a minor less than 14 years old in the vehicle. The penalty would be a $100 fine.rn rnPress StatementrnOn June 12, 2011 Assemblyman Weprin released a press statement noting his proposed legislation to ban smoking in automobiles with minors less than 14 years old in them. He notes the dangers of second-hand smoke.rnrnAssemblyman Weprin and Doctors Join to Put Out the Smoke in Cars with KidsrnJun ...


In February of 2009, David Weprin was running for the New York Assembly seat that had recently been vacated by his brother. The disctrict that the seat represents is heavily Jewish. In the waning days of the election, Weprin's campaign sent out a mailer with two cops standing in front of a crime scene with a swaztika drawn on the crowd. The mailer stated that Weprin's opponent did not wish to prosecute hate crimes. The mailer was in response to statements made by Weprin's opponent that all ...