Michele Bachmann on The War in Afghanistan

Last Updated : Dec 13, 2011


In 2009, Congresswoman Bachmann partially opposed President Obama's surge in 2009, stating that the President's reasons were incoherent and it appeared we were sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to train people on jobs programs and not to win wars.

In June of 2011, Congresswoman Bachmann spoke against the drawdown of those surge troops by urging the President to stay the course. She noted that the President rarely spoke of victory or winning the war.


Possible War Tax

In December of 2009, Congresswoman Bachmann appeared on Fox Business and discussed President Obama's plan to send additional troops to Afghanistan. In addition to opposing the possible tax, she states that the President's speech was incoherent and it seemed the US was sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to give the Afghanis job training.



Comments on Leadership Change

In June of 2010, Congresswoman Bachmann released a press statement on the change in leadership in Afghanistan from General McChrystal to General Petraeus.


Contracts with Taliban

In October of 2010, Congresswoman Bachmann wrote an op-ed discussing contracts awarded to Afghanistan warlords, the Taliban, and spies.


Stay the Course

In June of 2011, Congresswoman Bachmann was interviewed by the Weekly Standard. When asked about the situation in Afghanistan, Congresswoman Bachmann stated that the US should stay the course.


Opposition to Troop Drawdown

On June 30, 2011 Congresswoman Bachmann was again interviewed by the Weekly Standard and spoke about President Obama's recent statements that he will begin to draw down troops from the surge in Afghanistan.


CBS Foreign Policy Debate

On November 12, 2011 Congresswoman Bachmann participated in the CBS foreign policy debate. She was asked about the war in Afghanistan and the surge of troops there.

Voting Record

Removing Troops from Afghanistan

In March of 2011, the House voted on a resolution to require the removal of troops from Afghanistan pursuant to the War Powers Resolution. The measure failed 96-321. Michele Bachmann voted against the resolution to remove the troops from Afghanistan.

Michele Bachmann voted against the resolution to remove the troops from Afghanistan.


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