Trent Van Haaften on Taxes

Last Updated : Oct 03, 2010

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Reducing the Tax Burden on the Middle Class 

While the big banks of Wall Street got a billion dollar bailout, Hoosier families got left behind, footing the bill. Simply put, that’s outrageous. Trent supports tax relief for middle-class families, not taxpayer-funded bailout bonuses for Wall Street CEOs. Trent also opposes a national sales tax that would put an unfair burden on working families.

In the legislature, Trent led the bi-partisan fight to cut middle class taxes, opposed new sales taxes and created a half billion dollar property tax relief fund to reduce the tax burden on working Hoosiers.


Reducing the Deficit 

Trent knows we need to get our deficit under control. He will work to reduce wasteful government spending by opposing the creation of new government bureaucracies, demanding tougher audits of federal agencies and opposing new government spending that does not directly help to put people back to work or protect our nation. As a fiscal conservative, Trent will look for new ways to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse in federal spending and programs.



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