Trent Van Haaften on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Oct 03, 2010

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Energy independence is not just an economic issue but a matter of national security. Trent will fight to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by investing in alternative energy like wind, solar, and biofuels – energy that can be made in Indiana with Indiana products, creating jobs here at home.

Indiana is blessed with vast reserves of energy-producing coal. Trent supports the local coal industry and the cutting edge technology our power plants, mines, energy companies and schools – like Vincennes University – are implementing to keep our coal clean, cheap and our energy affordable.

CountryMark, one of Indiana’s two oil refineries, is located in Trent’s hometown and employs his brother. Trent understands the importance of home-grown energy and the need to preserve and expand our refining capabilities. Trent supports the expansion of oil refineries across the country to increase our capacity to produce gasoline and reduce the cost of filling up our gas tanks.

Indiana is a manufacturing state. Hoosiers build the best products in the country and possess the infrastructure, both natural and man-made, to transport products far beyond Indiana. Trent will promote Indiana as the ideal place to manufacture the products needed in a green economy, similar to the efforts being made in Vermillion County to produce wind turbines for the harnessing of clean energy.

Trent believes federal legislation aimed at promoting energy independence must not be punitive to Indiana. That is why Trent opposes “cap and trade” legislation which will increase energy costs, eliminates jobs and disadvantages our coal and oil refining industries.

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