Trent Van Haaften on Education

Last Updated : Oct 03, 2010

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Trent believes a quality education at all levels is necessary for our nation’s economic growth. Trent will fight to bring dollars back to Indiana schools and work to reduce the cost of a college education.

Trent believes the best education occurs when the local community provides it, not when it is mandated by a federal bureaucracy. Local families, communities and schools should be allowed to educate children without interference by the federal government.

Many higher education opportunities exist for our youth, but the cost of a college degree continues to rise at an alarming rate. Trent will fight to make college affordable by expanding the availability of grants and student loans.

After being the first in his family to attend college, Trent returned to his hometown to live and work. In Congress, Trent will fight to provide our children the same educational opportunities he was given. A good quality education leads to job opportunities and means that our children can live and thrive in their hometowns.


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