Jackie Walorski on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Feb 22, 2012


State Representative Walorski has not stated her views on man-made global-warming. She has stated her opposition to the cap-and-trade legislation in congress and stated that the bill would triple or quadruple the cost of energy in the US. She has advocated for expanded drilling in the US.


Opposition to Cap-and-Trade


On Energy


2012 Campaign Website Statements

Energy Independence

As gas prices continue to rise, we continue to see the failure of leadership in Washington in regards to our energy policy. For far too long, America has relied upon foreign countries to supply us with energy. Promises to make America energy independent have been broken year after year, and election after election. Jackie believes America can and must become energy independent. She supports a comprehensive energy policy that:

  • Allows for more domestic oil and natural gas exploration
  • Increases use of renewable fuels
  • Increases conservation through energy efficient appliances and homes
  • Allows for the safe development and use of nuclear power

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