George Gaulrapp on The Economy

Last Updated : Feb 10, 2012

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Jobs and the Economy

There is nothing more important to the American people right now than having jobs. The creation of more jobs in the 17th District will provide solutions to many issues. In our district, Winnebago County has an unemployment rate nearing 20% – moreover, 1 and 5 people do not have a job. Other counties within the 17th District are struggling with record unemployment levels as well.

We need to concentrate on keeping companies here and to provide them with the tools for expansion. The role of government in job creation should be to set the landscape for companies. The government should focus on building infrastructure in the major growth sectors of the economy – information and financial systems, energy technology, and health care systems – and then letting the market respond. Small businesses will be able to compete globally with a fair corporate tax structure, access to capital, tax credits for hiring and for “going green”. 



I am a firm believer in manufacturing. We have to use common sense and the best technology to bring manufacturing jobs back to our country. The manufacturing industry has been the backbone of America for decades, and as we ship more jobs overseas, they become the backbone of other countries. In the 17th Congressional District, local companies need the capital to expand and acquire new technology to bring our jobs back to the United States. The role of government in our economy is to set the landscape for companies, so the market can respond accordingly. We need to enforce our current trade laws and regulations.

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