Debbie Halvorson on The War in Iraq

Last Updated : Sep 15, 2010


Congresswoman Halvorson has stated that she supported ending the war in Iraq.


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Iraq / Afghanistan

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are among the greatest foreign policy challenges facing our nation today. The Congresswoman believes we must bring our troops home from Iraq safely and securely, while making it clear to Iraqis that our commitment is not open-ended and political progress must continue.

Congresswoman Halvorson also understands our efforts in Afghanistan lacked sufficient focus under the previous administration. She believes securing our national interests means we must secure Afghanistan and help the Afghanistan Army establish order in their country. The Congresswoman is particularly concerned with the safety and well-being our troops, and during the spring of 2009, she visited medical facilities in Afghanistan and Germany to learn how we can better care for our injured soldiers.

Congresswoman Halvorson believes our troops deserve the full support of the Congress, and should be funded at levels that provide them with the best equipment available. No soldier should ever be in a situation where they don't have the tools they need to accomplish their mission. That is why she supported both H.R. 2346 and H.R. 2647 which provides necessary funding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.



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