Bobby Schilling on The Economy

Last Updated : Oct 03, 2010

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Americans need to keep as much of their hard earned money in their pockets as possible. By cutting taxes, we will ignite the economy by creating good paying, high quality jobs and allowing people to spend their money on the goods and services they desire. We have seen in this state that raising the taxes on businesses only chases these quality jobs to other states and countries. Phil Hare believes in raising taxes to support government programs, despite the fact that this leads to greater job losses and more dependence on the government. We have seen throughout our history that if government cuts taxes, jobs and positive economic results follow. In the early 1960’s President Kennedy cut taxes and it strengthened the economy as wages increased and unemployment fell, and again in the early 1980’s President Reagan cut taxes and the economy exploded as wages increased, unemployment fell, and an astounding 19 million new jobs were created during his eight years in office. And because of the amount of new jobs, tax revenue for the government nearly doubled during his presidency. This type of tax policy will bring us out of recession and back into prosperity.



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