Adam Kinzinger on Taxes

Last Updated : Sep 15, 2010


Adam Kinzinger advocates for an overhaul of our tax system. He does not describe a proposed system. He has advocated for the extension of the 2001 and 2003 "Bush tax cuts".


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It is clear that we need to totally rethink our tax code. The reform of 1986 achieved great things by cleaning out all kinds of dubious deductions, credits, favors and the like. The tax code should be designed to extract the revenue we need to operate this country with the least amount of pain, in terms of foregone growth, that we can get. I would like to see a tax code with many fewer deductions and special credits on both the personal and corporate side, and a tax code that does more to encourage economic growth.



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This representative has not been identified as sponsoring or cosponsoring significant legislation related to this title.

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