Adam Kinzinger on Social Security

Last Updated : Sep 15, 2010


Adam Kinzinger states that he opposes privatization and increasing payroll taxes and the retirement age. He makes the claim that some politicians are attempting to demagogue the issue and should be ashamed of themselves. He does not state who is doing this, but alludes to those who believe the system is in financial crisis due to predicted insolvencies and the raiding of the trust fund for congressional spending.


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We need to ensure that promises made are promises kept to our seniors. I do not support privatizing Social Security. I do not support increasing the payroll tax nor the retirement age. It is absolutely wrong to change the rules on seniors when many are living paycheck to paycheck. Surely, members of both political parties can set aside an issue as important as this, take out the politics and the scare tactics and focus on fixing the longevity of Social Security. Any candidate for Congress who tries to demagogue this issue by using scare tactics should truly be ashamed of themselves as they are only looking out for their own failed political career.



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