Newt Gingrich on TARP

Last Updated : Sep 30, 2011


Congressman Gingrich stated that he opposed the bailout in it's initial form that failed. He then stated that had he been in office at the time, he would have reluctantly voted for the legislation. Shortly before the passage of the legislation, Congressman Gingrich stated that Secretary Paulson should be replaced and the mark to market rule should be suspended.


Workout, Not a Bailout

On September 25, 2008 Congressman Gingrich appeared on Hannity and Colmes and called the proposed TARP legislation socialism and stated that it should be defeated in it's form.


This Week Appearance - Something Must be Done

On September 28, 2008 Congressman Gingrich appeared on ABC's This Week and stated that the question was not whether something needed to be done, but whether it needed to be TARP and whether it needed to be done in the next 48 hours. He then states that he would probably reluctantly vote for the legislation.


Two Steps

On October 1, 2008 Congressman Gingrich wrote an article for Human Events detailing two steps that needed to be implemented on the bailout.


Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

This representative has not been identified as sponsoring or cosponsoring significant legislation related to this title.

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