Newt Gingrich on Iran

Last Updated : Dec 13, 2011


In 2006, Congressman Gingrich wrote an article describing the war on terror and islamic fundamentalists as the third world war. He noted the numerous acts committed by Iran and terror organizations of other nations as an example that Iran was an active participant in the war. He urged people to decide which side of the war they were on and to then engage in the ideology arena to speak out against islamic jihad and tactics used by such groups.

Congressman Gingrich has consistently argued against allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. In 2008, Congressman Gingrich assailed a National Intelligence Estimate claiming that Iran no longer had or was pursuing nuclear weapons as a political move meant to take the legs out from under the Bush administration. In December of 2010, Congressman Gingrich argued that action needed to be taken to stop Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons. He stated that every day action wasn't taken, Iran got closer to achieving a nuclear weapon.


Third World War

On July 17, 2006 Congressman Gingrich released a statement through the Human Events website discussing the third world war.


The American Eleven

In September of 2006, Congressman Gingrich released an article from Human Events declaring eleven points that he would pursue. One of those eleven dealt with the threats of North Korea and Iran.


WNYC Interview

In November of 2007, Congressman Gingrich was interviewed by WNYC radio. When asked about Iran, Congressman Gingrich stated that allowing Iran to pursue nuclear weapons should not be an option.


Response to NIE

In December of 2007, Congressman Gingrich issued an article for the Human Events website that was in response to a National Intelligence Estimate that found credible evidence that Iran had halted it's nuclear program in 2003.


Dark Cloud Over Iran

In April of 2008, Congressman Gingrich released an article for the website Human Events. That article cited Iran's involvement in the Iraq war and General Petraus's upcoming testimony.


Iran Must Not Go Nuclear

In December of 2010, Congressman Gingrich wrote an article for Politico and the American Enterprise Institute discussing the possibility of a nuclear Iran.


CBS Foreign Policy Debate

On November 11, 2011 Speaker Gingrich participated in the CBS foreign policy debate. He was asked there about Iran and he notes his support for sanctions and anything else to prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapon.


CNN National Security Debate

Congressman Gingrich participated in the national security debate on CNN on November 22, 2011. When asked about Iran, Speaker Gingrich reasserts his view that allowing Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon is not accetable. He also supports sanctions on Iran's gas imports and sanctions to their banks.



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