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Last Updated : Jan 23, 2012


In 2009, Congressman Gingrich supported a candidate for a special election for the 23rd district in New York that was pro-choice, pro gay marriage and supportive of numerous other items that most Republicans opposes. A more conservative candidate was available, but did not win a primary that consisted of a vote by 11 district members and not a public vote.

Congressman Gingrich came out in suppport for Mrs Scozzafava as she was the selected candidate for the Republican party. He asserted that many of her principles were in line with the Republican party. He appeared on numerous radio shows to defend his support for her.

As the special election neared, Mrs Scozzafava was trailing the Conservative Party candidate Hoffman. She dropped out of the race to prevent from splitting the vote, but threw her support behind the Democrat instead of the Conservative.

After the election, Congressman Gingrich stated that the Scozzafava candidacy was indeed a mistake that never should have happened. He dedicates a portion of his 2012 campaign website to his endorsement of Dede Scozzafava and states again that it was a mistake. He asserts that he will always support the Republican nominee over a third party, but that Scozzafava was not selected by voters and he should have considered that when giving his support.


Statement of Support for Scozzafava

On October 16, 2009 Congressman Gingrich issued a statement declaring that he would be supporting the Republican party candidate Dede Scozzafava over the lesser known Conservative party candidate Scott Hoffman.


Laura Ingraham Show

On October 22, 2009 Congressman Gingrich appeared on the Laura Ingraham show and spoke about his support for Mrs Scozzafava. 


Book Signing

Congressman Gingrich was confronted at a book signing concerning his support for Dede Scozzafava. He responded by noting that she was the nominee picked by the local representatives, and that she supported a number of conservative ideals and principles.


Hannity Appearance

On November 4, 2009 Congressman Gingrich appeared on the Hannity show and recanted his support for Dede Scozzafava and said that it had been a mistake, that she was the wrong nominee, and that he wished that the people that selected her had not done so.


2012 Campaign Website Statements



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