US Congressman Newt Gingrich

Name : Newt Gingrich
Party : Republican
State : Georgia
District : 6
In Office : 1979 - 1999
Religion : Roman Catholic
Birth Date : 6/17/1943
Birth Place : Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Education : B.A. in history from Emory University in Atlanta (1965); M.A. in History from Tulane (1968); Ph.D. in modern European history from Tulane University in New Orleans (1971);
Previous Political Experience : Unsuccessful runs for Congressional Office in 1974 and 1976
Previous Occupation : Taught history at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia (1970-1978);
Positions that we are tracking for this rep: Abortion, Budget Control Act of 2011, China, Debt, Deficit, Spending, and the Size of Government, Education, Energy and the Environment, Ethics, Foreign Policy, Gay Marriage, Health Care, Homeland Security, Housing Crisis, Illegal Drugs, Immigration, International Aid, Iran, Israel, Libya, NASA, North Korea, Nuclear Weapons, Pakistan, Religion, Social Security, Stem Cell Research, Supreme Court Justices, Syria, TARP, TARP and GM, Taxes, The Constitution, The Economy, The Federal Reserve, The Occupy Movement, The Paul Ryan Plan, The Second Amendment, The Stimulus, The United Nations, The War in Afghanistan, The War in Iraq, Trade Policy, Unions, Welfare and Unemployment