Gus Bilirakis on Social Security

Last Updated : Jun 26, 2012

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Protecting Florida's Seniors

Gus is working hard to ensure that Florida's seniors have peace of mind. Gus believes that we must protect Medicare and Social Security for current beneficiaries and future generations and voted to stop scheduled Medicare premium increases. He has sponsored legislation to require Medicare to pay for hearing aids for older Americans to improve their quality of life and increase their safety, as well as introducing legislation that would establish a national grant program to help states establish ‘Silver Alert’ notification systems to locate missing individuals suffering from Alzheimer's and other dementia-related illnesses.


Sponsored and Cosponsored Legislation

Session-110; Bill Number-H R 82; Social Security Fairness Act of 2007 - Cosponsor

To amend title II of the Social Security Act to repeal the Government pension offset and windfall elimination provisions.

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